Full and part loads

We take on loads from one single pallet to full trailer loads.
Multiple loading and unloading points are no problem for us and we are happy to do them.

We can transport 33 Euro pallets on a full trailer load. We also offer part loads, can half-fill a truck with your loads or can deliver a 1/4 load to your destination. After all, flexibility is what makes us stand out – alongside our language skills – we are the ideal partner for transportation to and from Spain or Portugal to ensure your orders are processed quickly and smoothly.

We can also offer quick delivery when you have a full trailer load. Thanks to our GPS tracking system we always know where are vehicles are located and can be contacted around the clock – so that you can also reliably plan when your load will reach its destination. Just-in-time deliveries are also possible to make sure that your goods arrive at your destination at the right time and you can optimise your working processes.

Do you have a part load but are not sure if we can take on the transportation for you? Get in contact with us and we will make you an offer.

SSC Logistik in Karlstein – be it full loads or part loads: with our transport services we get your goods to their destination, whether it is in Germany or Europe.