Storage of goods

We are also happy to offer you the opportunity to store your goods with us in Portugal. In Batalha we have an 800 square meter warehouse and a large outdoor storage area. Due to our close proximity to the parent company in Portugal we can clarify immediately whether storage capacities are available – so that you can also make a quick transportation decision – with SSC Logistik in Karlstein as your reliable partner for transportation to Portugal and Spain.

We can store your industrial goods (excluding fresh produce) for as long as you want. We are also flexible when it comes to delivering your goods on site in Portugal: we transport your goods using 7.5 or 12 tonne trucks from our warehouse in Batalha direct to your destination – therefore ensuring you avoid unnecessary logistics costs and benefit from our international experience.

For example we can store a full truck load from Germany in Batalha and then deliver it pallet by pallet to your customers in Portugal. Your benefit: Once your goods are in our warehouse, we can deliver them quickly to your customer. Or we can store goods from several loads in Portugal and compile selections from several different loads to be delivered to your new destinations. After all we are also your partner for order picking – on request we will compile new loads from the goods in our warehouse and transport your goods gradually to your customers.

We can also use our storage capacities for smaller loads. For example we can store part loads or even just one pallet for you, which we will then deliver once we compile a load for the desired destination – your advantage: You benefit from low transportation prices.

Send us your Transport or storage request today and will be contact you soon.

SSC Logistik in Karlstein – Your strong haulier for transportation to Portugal and storing your goods on site. From short-term storage to the transhipment and distribution in Portugal, even as part loads, you get everything from one source at a good-value freight price.