SSC Logistik GmbH – Your partner for international transport

Your specialist for France, Spain and Portugal

On the following pages you can find information about our logistics services.
We are an old school haulage company and freight forwarder with heart and soul.

We have specialised as a freight forwarder and transport company in Germany, France, the Iberian Peninsula including Andorra, the Canary Islands and the Balearic islands. We cover these routes daily and this is where our core competency is. That is why we also offer you transportation to Mallorca.

Be it import, export, national freight or special transport, we perform them all in these countries to your full satisfaction. As a German-Portuguese provider we provide good-value transport at a fair price, as we transport the majority of your freight with our own vehicles from our Portuguese parent company. As a result we can always determine immediately where your load is and don’t have to go via a third party to let you know. You can therefore be certain that you have full control over your load all the time.

Our 40 tonne trucks are tautliners, some of which are Mega trailers with XL code certification and ARD equipment, which is why we are also allowed to transport hazardous goods.

We always look for the best and cheapest solutions for you, because customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

SSC Logistik in Karlstein: good-value international transport – we are also your partner for part loads and can still offer you this service at a good freight price.